In so many words, I’m often asked this question. My response is very simple. Club57 creates a training environment that is based on individual needs. The group of riders involved is very small, and is hand selected. The riders that are chosen into the program meet the training criteria. For instance work ethic, bike skills, organizational traits, and willingness to learn are some of the factors involved while selecting riders. With this in mind, I’m able to create a training environment that is productive, and very healthy.

The curriculum revolves around the rider, and their future development. The size of the group enables us to focus on the fine details or as we refer to it…… Marginal gains.

What’s the training consist of?

We reduce lap times through improving bike skills, understanding comfort zone training, and embracing mistakes. After all, mistakes are the ultimate tool for building skill. This will transition into proper goal setting, and execution. The riders learn what their deficiencies are, work hard at improving them, and set goals that will push their limitations!

During our time in the gym, joint mobility, core strength, and muscular endurance are the building blocks for progress. There is no short cut to improving physical fitness. It requires, sweat, consistency, discomfort, and more sweat. Expanding the threshold of discomfort in the gym, will also expand the riders threshold of discomfort on the track. Thus allowing them to ride faster, for a longer amount of time.

What is Club57 ?

Club57 is nothing more than a small group of hard working athletes dedicated to the sport of Motocross. The term “Club” is more of a play on words, than an actual club. It does however, represent the unity of riders that are involved in the program.

Where are we located?

Club57 is located in Jacksonville, Florida minutes off of the I-10 interstate.