What’s the training consist of?

Our philosophy revolves around numbers. When you put a group of like minded athletes together, the group as whole will progress, and strengthen. A rising tide raises all the ships! We take a small group orientated, hands on approach, to training. The size of the group is limited to 14 Outdoor Motocross riders, and 4 Professional Supercross riders. We strongly enforce an incremental learning process, which entails ideal goal setting and execution of those goals. This program revolves around the Coach/Athlete relationship. Coach Brad founded Club57 in 2001, and has been training people around the world ever since. There is no substitution for experience. Riders in this program are CHOSEN, based on their work ethic. If you train here, it’s because you have been accepted, and meet the physical, and moral criteria.

A goal without a plan is just a wish.

Talent is cheap, dedication is expensive, it will cost you your life!