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Club57 offers multiple day camps throughout the year. These camps offer a unique training atmosphere that has proven to be successful! Each day will include several hours of: technique training, speed drills, sprints, and laptime reduction excercises. After the riding has finished for the day, we will then take the training into the Club57 Fitness center. It’s here that the riders will review film from the day’s riding, learn strecthing routines, balance/core ciruits, and improve cardiovascular endurance! We reinforce a simple philosophy throughout training……Success leaves clues! It’s up to the riders to follow those clues to pursue their MX Goals. That’s what these camps are all about, identifying clues that top riders leave behind, then applying them!

CAMPS for every skill level


Club57 offers multiple day beginner/ youth camps. This is a three day program that focuses on technique and track interpretation. Some of the topics in this camp include, eliminating coasting zones, increasing corner speed, and starting procedures. Each day will build off the previous day’s curriculum. Beginner/ Youth camps start at $375. Pleases contact us for more information.


Intermediate training is designed to take the rider to the next level! We realize, Intermediate riders are just a few key ingredients from becoming an expert. During this five day moto experience, we will search for those missing ingredients. In addition to increasing corner speed, improving track interpretation, perfecting starting procedures, etc. We will also include the following: bike set up, racing strategy, managing race day anxiety, goal setting, race day nutrition, and a full fitness assessment. When you factor in all the topics covered, five days goes quickly. Five day intermediate training begins at $650 per month. Please contact us for more information.


Advanced training follows the same theory as the Intermediate program. However, making fast riders even faster is not an easy task! This is where the experienced staff at Club57 really shines. During the five day advanced program,  riders will learn how to; train, ride, eat, exercise, stretch, and think like a pro. After all, that’s the direction their headed, this will give them a glimpse at what it will take to become a professional Motocross athlete. Each rider will train everyday with fender mounted transponders, progress will be immediately recognized, and carefully logged. After all, advanced riders need proof that the hard work is paying off, just like everyone else. Five day advanced training begins at $650. Please contact us for more information.

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