Motocross Riding Classes
 Each riding lesson begins with an evaluation of the riders (class size varies between 6-10 riders). This is done through a ten minute warm-up ride. From there we will discuss: the agenda for the class, corrections in riding technique, MX bike set-up, line selection, and so forth. The lesson plan changes with the track conditions. If the track gets muddy (You guessed it!), you will learn to ride in the mud that day. Each class has a specific agenda. Rutted turns, hard-pack corners, and double jumps are some examples of recent classes. At the end of each lesson we will do a ten minute "cool down". We then summarize the lessons learned, and give each rider something to work on. This will enable each rider to improve on their own time.

• Reaching the next level
 After the riders progress through the technique training, we begin to focus on reaching the next level. This is where the mental preparation of the rider takes place. In order to ride faster, jump further, or compete at a higher level, our mind must be in tune with our body. This process is achieved through: different mental exercises, proper goal setting, stop watch drills, module training, racing strategy, and of course hard work!

• Advanced training
When tenths of a second need to be shaved off a lap time, it’s time for advanced training. The concept for this type of training is based on making every inch of the track count towards acceleration, or braking. Rider Technique, and Mental Preparation, in addition to racing strategy are applied throughout the track. Elongation of track sections, and brake manipulation, are two key elements to advanced training. This is where our riders learn that there is more speed found in the brake pedal than anything else!

• Private training
We understand that not everyone excels in a group environment. For those individuals, private training is available. Please call for rates, and scheduling information.


  • Registration

Club57 handles all registration over the phone. This is done to ensure that each student is entered in the correct lesson. Classes have a limited number of spots available; these spots are on a first come first serve basis. If you would like to reserve a spot in any of our upcoming classes please refer to our calendar page, and call us at (815)342-6593.


Costs and Payments

Club57 Motocross schools start at $50. This price may vary depending on the length, and location of each class. Club57 will accept Cash, local checks, and most major Credit Cards. If you would like to use a Credit Card please call for details.

Due to the rapid growth of Club57, we found it necessary to travel to different states and countries to meet the demand. No track is too far away for Club57 to conduct schools at. Call for more info.

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