Do you want to become a better, faster, smarter rider? How about all of the above? Club57 MX Schools can help you achieve these, or other motorcycling goals. We have proven methods to instill correct body-position, improve corner speed, and balance. Not to mention, elevating each riders confidence with new found control and speed. The real question is, are YOU ready to become a better, faster, smarter rider?





Why should I schedule a class with Club 57?
  • Learn modern day MX techniques
  • Discover useful tools for MX training
  • Learn bike set-up, and race day maintenance.
  • Extract 100% of your MX potential
  • Learn what, and how to practice
Brad Jerominski's natural ability to teach - combined with the skills he learned as a professional motocross racer, translates into RESULTS for you or your child.

Football players have coaches to teach the players the fundamentals of the sport. From the peewees to the pros, the fundamentals are drilled into these athletes. Why is motocross any different?
Motocross is not any different than coached sports and it shouldn't be treated as such. Club 57 will teach you the fundamentals that normally get ignored in motocross. Learn how to practice better and get the results you are looking for.
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